R | Rum, Rhum or Ron, depending on its country of origin. Distilled from sugar cane molasses or cane juice. The style of production and country of origin greatly characterises the flavour.

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“The Rum Runners” 69 Overproof Rum
Nato per la miscelazione Tiki e Caraibica, OVERPROOF #69 esprime in pieno la potenza della Giamaica con una gradazione decisamente elevata per poterne cogliere tutta la sua purezza. Le accentuate ...
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“The Rum Runners” Blend N.3 Rum
Delicato ed avvolgente, BLEND #3 è un Light Rum dal carattere deciso, adatto ad una miscelazione classica ma allo stesso tempo ad una bevuta “neat” per gli amanti dei sapori ...
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“The Rum Runners” Blend N.8 Rum
Robusto e rotondo, BLEND #8 è un Dark Rum le cui note di legno , fava di cacao e frutta secca la fanno da padrone, creando così un intreccio di ...
Sold By The RumRunners Co.
DICTADOR 2 MASTERS Glenfarclas, 1974, 43,4%
A 44-year-old Dictador Rum from a 1974 single vintage cask finished in whisky cask and then shipped to Glenfarclas in Scotland, where it further spent 14 months in a Glenfarclas ...
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DICTADOR 2 MASTERS Hardy, 1978, 41%
HARDY Maison Hardy owes its name to an authentic English gentleman, Anthony Hardy. Like any conscientious wine and spirit merchant, Hardy liked to get out of London as often as ...
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DICTADOR 2 MASTERS Laballe, 1976, 46%
Thanks to the expertise of Jean-Dominique and to their exceptional quality, the Armagnacs of the Château soon became well known; to such an extent that, in 1929, Jean Dominique exported ...
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DICTADOR 2 MASTERS Leclerc Briant, 1979, 44%
The Champagne House of Leclerc Briant has a rich history that dates back over one hundred and forty years. The unique identity of the house was built through generation after ...
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DICTADOR 2 MASTERS Royal Tokaji, 1977, 46,2%
Dictador, the award-winning producer of fine and rare luxury Colombian rums, is proud to present Dictador 2 Masters Royal Tokaji, an extremely limited edition of aged Colombian rum that has ...
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The collaboration, which is a first in the world of aged rum, will create classic pieces, revealing the Colombian liquid treasure within crystal art pieces designed and produced by Lalique.
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